Broccoli Salad with Homemade Mayo



Broccoli salad is one of my favorite salads but I always feel guilty after eating it just like eating ice cream, because of the mayonnaise. I wish I could have strong will to control my appetite but it never works especially for ice cream and mayonnaise. Well, a mayonnaise is basically made of  few ingredients like oil, egg yolks, vinegar or lemon juice. When you just look at the main ingredients it should not be that bad, it can actually be good for your health as long as you make it at home.

Unfortunately, most of the mayonnaise that you buy at the store is indeed loaded with bad fats, GMO soybean oil which is harmful to you. Also it contains a lot of other stuffs. So if you think you can’t live without  mayonnaise like me, consider using a mayonnaise that is made with organic olive oil or grape seed oil. Or better yet, make your own mayo!

Broccoli Salad

1 bunch organic broccoli
1 small red onion, chopped
1/4 dried blueberries
1/4 cup dried dates
1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds

Sorry, no bacon but you can add it if you didn’t load up with AGEs last three months :))


Let’s make homemade mayonnaise first. I followed Alton Brown’s recipes except oil. I used grapeseed oil.

Homemade Mayonnaise

1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
2 pinches sugar
2 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 cup grapeseed oil

In a glass bowl, whisk together egg yolk and dry ingredients. Combine lemon juice and vinegar in a separate bowl then thoroughly whisk half into the yolk mixture. Start whisking briskly, then start adding the oil a few drops at a time until the liquid seems to thicken and lighten a bit, (which means you’ve got an emulsion on your hands). Once you reach that point you can relax your arm a little (but just a little) and increase the oil flow to a constant (albeit thin) stream. Once half of the oil is in add the rest of the lemon juice mixture.

Continue whisking until all of the oil is incorporated. Leave at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours then refrigerate for up to 1 week.


3/4 cup homemade mayonnaise
1/2 cup honey
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

Mix all the ingredients and set a side.

Ok. Ready for the next?

Picture1713.jpg-1 Picture1714.jpg-1

When you cook with broccoli always use this method.

First, cut broccoli and rinse well in cold water. Try to get organic product as much as you can but if you can’t, mix cold water with a couple of teaspoons of vinegar in a bowl, and leave the broccoli in there for about 15 minutes to get rid of  pesticide residue. This will also remove some other residue.


I roughly chopped the broccoli into small pieces and tossed in a bowl.


Then chopped red onion..Picture1718.jpg-1

Instead of using raisin, I got dried blueberries and dates from Costco. They are very fresh and delicious. I usually don’t care for dried fruit but I was sold to these products.Picture1719.jpg-1

Add some blueberries and chopped dates.


Add raw sunflower seeds.Picture1721.jpg-1

Then the dressing….not too much. Too much mayonnaise will overpower the taste. Picture1722.jpg-1

Mix well.


Let stand 1 hour or more in the refrigerator or you can even prepare a day before.

Easy, delicious, and healthy food everyday!!

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