Fun and Easy California Roll



Most people think sushi or roll as a healthy choice when dining out but the sad news is, it is not the case. Even the most health-conscious sushi and roll lovers will be surprised if they find out what the hidden secret ingredients are. Whatever you eat outside you have to be aware that  there are the stuffs which your body doesn’t need at all…high-fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil, MSG, genetically modified (GM) ingredients, and artificial colors.

But the good news is, seaweed, also called Nori in Japan and Gim in Korea, is an excellent source of iodine, vitamins, and minerals. I was thrilled when I found out that seaweed has the higher calcium absorption rate than milk. So if you drink milk in order to increase calcium intake, you’d be better off eating seaweed more often than drinking milk. Especially the protein in milk called casein causes allergy symptoms, so if you have allergy, first thing you want to stop eating or drinking is gluten, sugar, and milk.

Anyways, today I want to share my healthier version of roll recipe. It’s fun and easy. You don’t have to work too much, and you can put your family or friends to work. They will have fun. And you will have even more fun!!

Here is the recipe!

Make Your Own Roll (serve for 2-3)

1/2 English cucumber
5 crab sticks
3 eggs
5-6 king size shrimps
1 medium size avocado

Nori sheets
plain white rice

capelin roe
soy sauce
wasabi mayonnaise

Let’s start!


Julienne cucumber.

Picture1843.jpg-1 Picture1844.jpg-1

Tear crab sticks into pieces.


Beat the eggs with a little bit of salt.


Preheat the frying pan over medium low heat and add some oil then pour the beaten eggs.


Reduce the heat to low then wait till the eggs get settled.


Flip over like pancake and cook it about 2-3 minutes.


Transfer it to your cutting board and let it cool.


Slice it into your the size you want.


I ONLY USE  WILD CAUGHT SHRIMP WITH SKIN ON. NO FARM RAISED SHRIMP.  There are many ways to cook shrimp but I found that the easiest way is just put frozen shrimp into boiling water and turn off the heat right away.


I used king size shrimps so I let it sit for about 2-3 minutes untill the skin turns to light pink and then put in the ice water. Drain well.


Put a shrimp on the cutting board and hold down with your finger and cut in half.


Like this..


Cut the avocado in half and take out the seed.


And slice it.


Ok. All the main ingredients are ready.


Now prepare capelin roe, soy sauce, wasabi mayo.


This is a seaweed, that you can buy in Asian market or major big supermarkets. Cut nori sheets in half crosswise then cut again in half and you will get 4 pieces of small seaweed sheet out of 1 seaweed sheet.


Put some plain white rice, no sugar added like restaurant, and place all the ingredients you prepared on your plate.

Actually, you can prepare any vegetable, meat, or seafood your family and friends love.

Now the fun part starts!!


Lay 1 sheet of nori, shiny side down, spread about 1 tablespoon rice on the nori and put some soy sauce or homemade wasabi mayo (simply mix mayo with wasabi). You can either buy organic olive oil or grapeseed mayo or make at home. My homemade mayonnaise is HERE.


And then put whatever you want.

Don’t put too many stuffs at once unless you have a BIGGGG mouth to handle. ^&^


Open your mouth…here it comes!!!

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