Butter Lettuce & Grapes Salad with Raw Goat Sharp Cheddar



I’m very excited to tell you that I made a small herb garden. I started with only four herbs that I like to use but I realized my cilantro was missing. So I went out again to buy cilantro, and I ended up buying four more herbs. Now I am pretty satisfied and thrilled to prepare food with these herbs. So you’d better be ready as well because you will be my brave taster! Haha~


I usually like to stay in my comfort zone but regarding food, I am quite an adventurer. Some of you already know about this herb but I bought a herb that I’ve never seen before. It is called lemon balm or balm mint. It looks like mint and has a lemon flavor. I did some research about this herb and found out that lemon balm is often used as a flavoring in ice cream and herbal tea. It can be used in fruit dishes, fish dishes, or salad. It is also interesting that lemon balm has been prescribed for internal (as tea) or external (essential oil) application for the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, liver, and bile.
As soon as I got this herb, I put it in my Perrier. Oh my goodness! It was so good. The flavor was dancing in my mouth and it even tasted better when I added sliced cucumber. So I got courage to experiment in my salad.


I used the vegetables that has mild flavor so that it doesn’t overpower the lemon scent from the herb. I also wanted to add some crunchiness and sweet taste in my salad, so lightly toasted pecan and red grapes were added. And all these ingredients harmonized well and it made my salad taste heavenly.

Butter Lettuce & Red Grapes Salad

I head butter lettuce, or Boston lettuce
2 Persian cucumbers (1/2 English cucumber)
1/2 medium sweet onion
1 cup halves red grapes
1-2 tablespoons chopped lemon balm
1/2 cup toasted pecan
grated raw goat cheddar sharp cheese

Lemon Honey Dressing
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
3-4 tablespoons honey
salt, pepper


First, wash butter lettuce well and dry well. Chop and toss them into a salad bowl.


Slice cucumber and toss into the bowl.


Then sweet onion..if you use regular onion, slice it and soak in the cold water for 10-15 minutes and it will help to remove the strong onion flavor.


Cut grapes in half.


Add chopped fresh lemon balm. Yay~~!!

I also added  lightly toasted pecan.


I was not a cheese fan when I was younger but now I can’t live without it. I don’t have any allergy symptoms from dairy products yet, but I always watch closely whenever I eat it. It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to cheese variety but the goat cheese contains less lactose than cow cheese which means it could be digested better than the cow cheese. Also it has low fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.

However if you totally adore American cheese, go for it, enjoy it. Just make sure you get organic, pasteurized and raw cheese if you choose to eat any cheese. And eat wisely in moderation!!


Enjoy the salad. Enjoy the lemon balm.

Enjoy the weather.

Enjoy your life!

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