Miso Mapo Tofu



I recently read some articles claiming that tofu is actually not as healthy a food as initially perceived. I actually grew up with tofu, and tofu was perceived as one of the healthiest food on earth when I was growing up, so I naturally found this new information to be surprising at the very least.
According to the articles that I read, processed soy contains phytates, which block mineral absorption, and trypsin inhibitors, which block proper digestion. In addition, the articles claim that it can cause brain cancer and other diseases. I personally don’t agree that processed soy like tofu is unhealthy, but when it comes to eating soy products, I recommend eating fermented soy like Natto, Miso, Temphey, and soy sauce instead of processed soy products.
But, despite there being plenty of information claiming certain foods to be healthier or better than other foods, I believe that all it comes down to is eating in moderation. No matter how nutritionally amazing a food may be, eating one food too much is not a good idea; it is important to eat different kinds of food in order to obtain all kinds of nutrition. Eating everything in moderation is always the key.

Mapo Tofu

1 tablespoon peanut oil
1/2 cup chopped  green onion (white part)
1/2 cup chopped onion (red or yellow)
1/2 lb ground pork
2-3 tablespoons  Miso
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 cups water
1 pkg tofu (see the picture below)

4-5 tablespoons water
4-5 tablespoon corn starch
sesame oil
chopped green onion for garnish
pink salt, pepper

Chop red or yellow onion and green onions.


Add chopped onion with oil in a saute pan, and cook about 2 minutes at low heat.


Add chopped onion and cook for a few minutes.


Add ground pork and cook until it turns brown.


Add minced garlic, soy sauce and soy bean paste, and mix well.


Add water and bring it to a boil.


This is the tofu that I like. It’s non-GMO and USDA certified organic. It has six different level of firmness. I always use #4.

Cut tofu into small cube size.


Add into the boiling mixture and cook about 2-3 minutes.


Combine water with corn starch and add it to the pan while stiring, otherwise it will have lumps.


Turn off the heat and drop 1-2 teaspoons of sesame oil.


Pour the Mapo Tofu on top of white rice or brown rice. Garnish with chopped scallion.


This is devine…yum~~

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